Directors of Graduate Studies

College of Arts and Science

Dr. Timothy D. Johnston, Dean

Lori Wright, Assistant to the Dean

Department Department Head Director of Graduate Study
African American Studies Dr. Tara Green Dr. Tara Green
Art Mr. Lawrence Jenkens Ms. Mariam Stephan
Biology Dr. Stanley Faeth Dr. Matina Kalcounis-Rueppell
Chemistry and Biochemistry Dr. Patricia Reggio MS – Dr. Jason Reddic
PhD – Dr. Norman Chiu
Classical Studies Dr. Hugh Parker Dr. Dave Wharton
Communication Studies Dr. Chris Poulos Dr. David Carlone
Computer Science Dr. Stephen Tate Nancy Green
Creative Writing Mr. Jim Clark
Mr. Terry Kennedy
English Dr. Scott Romine Dr. Michelle Dowd
Geography Dr. Jeffrey Patton Dr. Selima Sultana
History Dr. Charles Bolton Dr. Greg O’Brien
Interior Architecture Dr. Anna Marshall-Baker Fall 2014: Ms. Jo LeimenstollSpring 2015: Dr. Laura Cole
Language, Literature and Cultures Dr. Amy Williamsen
Dr. Ignacio Lopez
Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Ratnasingham Shivaji Dr. Gregory Bell
Media Studies Dr. David Cook Dr. Michael Frierson
Political Science Dr. Bill Crowther Dr. Ruth DeHoog
Psychology Dr. Stuart Marcovitch Dr. Dayna Touron
Sociology Dr. Kenneth Allan Dr. Gwen Hunnicutt
Women’s and Gender Studies Dr. Hephzibah Roskelly Dr. Ali Moore

Bryan School of Business and Economics

Mac Banks, Dean

<vacant>, Executive Assistant to the Dean

Department Department Head Director of Graduate Study
Accounting and Finance Dr. Dan Winkler Dr. William Harden
Business Administration/Management Dr. Moses Acquaah Dr. Moses Acquaah
Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies Chair: Dr. Nancy Hodges Dr. Tu Watchravesringkan
Economics Dr. Jeremy Bray Dr. Kenneth Snowden
Entrepreneurship Dr. Dianne Welsh Dr. Dianne Welsh
Information Systems and Operations Management Dr. Vidyaranya Gargeya Dr. Al Salam
MBA Dr. William Brown Dr. William Brown

Division of Continual Learning

Department Department Head Director of Graduate Study
Liberal Studies Dr. Kathleen Forbes Dr. Jeff Jones

School of Education

Dr. Karen Wixson, Dean

Annie Smith, Assistant to the Dean

Department Department Head Director of Graduate Study
Counseling and Educational Development Dr. J. Scott Young Dr. L. DiAnne Borders
Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations Interim Dr. Rick Reitzug EdS/EdD: Dr. Ann Davis
EdD: Dr. Carl Lashley
MSA, PMC: Dr. Brian Clarida
PhD: Dr. Leila Villaverde
Educational Research Methodology Dr. Randy Penfield Dr. Bob Henson
Library and Information Studies Dr. Clara Chu Dr. Nora Bird
Specialized Education Services Dr. Diane Ryndak Dr. Teresa Little
Teacher Education and Higher Education Dr. Colleen Fairbanks M.Ed.: Dr. Kerri Richardson
PhD: Dr. Colleen Fairbanks
Teachers Academy Ms. Jacquelyn Dozier

School of Health and Human Sciences

Dr. Celia Hooper, Dean

Mary Ann Sensebaugh, Secretary to the Dean

Department Department Head Director of Graduate Study
Communication Sciences and Disorders Dr. Denise Tucker Masters: Dr. Kristine Lundgren
Ph.D.: Dr. Alan Kamhi
Community and Therapeutic Recreation Dr. Stuart J. Schleien Dr. Stuart J. Schleien
Genetic Counseling Ms. Nancy Callanan Ms. Nancy Callanan
Gerontology Dr. Rebecca Adams Dr. Rebecca Adams
Human Development and Family Studies Dr. Mark Fine Dr. Cheryl Buehler
BKISED: Dr. Linda Hestenes
Kinesiology Dr. Sandy Shultz Dr. Jennifer Etiner
Nutrition Dr. Lee Beverly Dr. Keith Erikson
Peace and Conflict Studies Dr. Cathryne Schmitz Tom Matyok
Public Health Education Interim: Dr. Robert Strack Dr. Bob StrackAssociate DGS: Dr. Stephanie Baker
Social Work Dr. Melissa Floyd-Pickard Dr. Jeffrey Shears

School of Music, Theatre and Dance

Dr. Peter Alexander, Dean

Dr. Kelly Burke, Interim Associate Dean

Amy Moore, Executive Assistant to the Dean / Office Manager

Department Department Head Director of Graduate Study
Dance Dr. Janet Lilly Dr. Jill Green
Music Education Dr. David Teachout Dr. Patricia Sink
Music Performance Dr. Dennis Askew (Interim) Dr. Robert Wells
Music Studies Dr. Gavin Douglas Dr. Adam Ricci
Theatre Mr. A. James Fisher MFA: Ms. Deborah Bell
MEd: Mr. Josh Purvis

School of Nursing

Dr. Robin Remsburg, Dean

Denyse Coker, Assistant to the Dean

Department Head Director of Graduate Study
Dr. Robin Remsburg, Dean Master’s Programs and Certificates: Dr. Eileen Kohlenberg
Ph.D.: Dr. Beth Barba

Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering

Dr. James Ryan, Dean

Patricia Headley, Administrative Assitant

Department Department Head Director of Graduate Study
Nanoscience Dr. Daniel Herr Dr. Chris Kepley

Departments without a Graduate Degree Program

Department Department Head
Anthropology Dr. Robert Anemone
Philosophy Dr. Gary Rosenkrantz
Physics and Astronomy Dr. Promod Pratap
Religious Studies Dr. William Hart
Sustainable Hospitality & Tourism Dr. Sevil Sonmez