Visions Advising Information

Program Visions Available? Suggested Courses Additional Information
Arts and Sciences
Art Yes* ART 120, ART 140, ART 150, ART 529, ART 535, ART 540 *Beg. undergrad courses available. Advanced courses require portfolio AND instructor permission. Some courses may require prerequisites.
Biology Yes All 500 level courses Must have prerequisites or permission from instructor.
Chemistry and Biochemistry Yes CHE 536, 553, 555, 556, 557, 570, 632, 641, 656, 661 & 663 Pay special attention to prerequisites. It is recommended that students have an undergrad degree in chemistry or other science with a strong chemistry background.
Classical Studies Yes Depends on student interest and background Contact Director of Graduate Study via email at
Communication Studies Yes 500 level courses600 level courses may be open on to Visions students a space-available basis. Contact Dr. Carlone for information Contact Dr. David A Carlone for more information at or call 334.3836
English No None None
Geography Yes Depends on student interest and background. Contact Director of Graduate Study via email at
History Yes 500 level courses Contact Laurie O’Neill at 336-334-5992 or
Interior Architecture Yes* Selected IAR courses EXCEPT 501, 602, studio, 645, & 631 *Must have related undergrad design degree. For more info contact Director of Graduate Study at
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures French – YesSpanish – Yes* Students who plan on pursuing an MA degree: any 400 or 500 level course with an analytical paper. *Ultimately it depends on prior linguistic skills. Contact the DGS for linguistic evaluation and more info.Dr. Campo (French)

Dr. Lopez (Spanish)

Liberal Studies Yes MLS 610, 620, and 630 Contact Division of Continual Learning:Julee Johnson.
Mathematics and Statistics Yes Depends on student interest and background. Contact the department at (336) 334-5836.
Media Studies Yes MST 515, 526, 527, 528, 620, & 625 Students are welcome in the studies courses, however, graduate level film and video production courses are limited to MFA students.
Political Science Yes Elective courses not restricted to MPA students. Contact the Director of Graduate Study before registering for courses – Dr. Ruth DeHoog 336.256.0511
Psychology No None None
Sociology No* *Registration as a VISIONS student is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Contact course instructor if known, otherwise contact Dr. Steven Cureton
Business and Economics
Accounting Yes* ACC
201, ACC 202
*Only ACC 201 and
ACC 202 are available to VISIONS students.
Business Administration Yes Please check with the department
Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies Yes CRS 530, 605, 620RCS 361, 562
Economics Yes* Contact the department at 334-5463 about taking necessary undergraduate prerequisite courses in the fall and spring to begin the MA program in Applied Economics  (fall semester entry only) Prerequisite Courses: ECO 301, 319, 346, 351
Information Systems Yes* ISM 671 *Special permission from the department is required.
Counseling & Educational Development Yes CED 210, CED 310, CED 574, CED 610 Call 334-3434 for inquiries about admissions, campus tours, etc.
Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations Yes ELC 662, ELC 679, ELC 688B, ELC 688C, ELC 688D, ELC 688F, ELC 688H, ELC 694 Contact the Department
Educational Research Methodology Yes ERM 517, ERM 604, ERM 605
Library & Information Studies Yes LIS 618, LIS 643, LIS 650, LIS 655, LIS 688 Contact department. Only 9 hours are transferrable into a degree program.
Special Education Yes SES 540, SES 642, SES 647, SES 659 Contact Dr. Teresa Little or visit website at for program options
Teacher Education and Higher Education Yes TED 765, TED 688-01, HED 688-04, HED 611-81D
Health and Human Sciences
Communication Sciences & Disorders Yes* None *Only to students already possessing a master’s degree in the field.
Community and Therapeutic Recreation Yes RPT 611 in the Fall and RPT 613 in the Spring Contact Director of Graduate Study to discuss career and program goals. Dr. Stuart Schleien 334-3797
Genetic Counseling No Students interested in the program should take upper level genetics, biochemistry and statistics as prerequisites. Visit website at or call for more info.
Gerontology Yes Contact the Gerontology Program to discuss the available courses. VISIONS applicants may take GRO 501 and GRO 600 without department approval; however please visit with the Gerontology Program Director to discuss plans for pursuing a Post Baccalaureate Certificate or a Master of Science degree. Contact Department for more info. 256-1020. Visit website at for updates.
Human Development & Family Studies Yes HDF 644, 650, 651, 652, 653, 655 VISIONS classes are only available with the permission of instructor.
Kinesiology Yes Depends on student interest Contact department faculty in their area of interest for suggestion of relevant courses.
Nutrition Yes NTR 309, 413, 550, 560
(Note prerequisites for each course)
Visit website for more info or contact the Director of Graduate Study Keith Erikson
Peace and Conflict Studies Yes For MA-CPS 600, 601, and c02 fall; 605 or 606 spring For PBC-CPS 600, 601, or 605 Email Dr. Tom Matyok, Director of Graduate Studies for more information or visit our website
Public Health Education Yes HEA 601, 602, 604, 608, 640, 645 For more info contact Dr. Vincent Francisco, 334.5520.
Social Work No None None
School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Dance Yes* Contact the Department to discuss your interests and goals and available courses *Space available basis only. Some courses may require prerequisites or be restricted to admitted graduate students. Contact the Graduate Coordinator Dr. Jill Green.
Music Yes Visions students wishing to take music classes must get the approval of William Carroll, School of Music
Theatre Yes Scenery/Lighting/Costume – Any 3 of the 500 level design courses Call Connie Prater at 334-4076 or contact Deb Bell, Director of Graduate Study, at They will provide you with the name and phone number of an advisor related to your program of interest.
Any of the Summer Institute for Theatre courses for enrichment or for state licensure requirements.
Child Drama Program – THE 596 and THE 598
School of Nursing
All areas Yes MSN Nursing Administration and MSN/MBA: NUR506, NUR540, and NUR705 Visit with faculty to discuss plans for pursuing a grad degree.
MSN Nursing Education: NUR680 and NUR705
DNP Post Bac Adult/Gerontological Nurse Practitioner: NUR680 and NUR705
DNP Post Bac Nurse Anesthesia: NUR680 and NUR705
Interdisciplinary Programs
Conflict Studies and Dispute Resolution Yes CNR 600, 601, 610, 611 and all program electives Consult with program director for program electives list
Women’s and Gender Studies Yes Some limited availability in cross-listed courses is possible, with permission of the instructor. For further information, contact the department