The Graduate School at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) is responsible for the welfare of all the graduate programs on campus and approximately 3600 graduate students from 33 states and 34 foreign countries.

The University is organized into the College of Arts and Sciences and five professional schools: Joseph M. Bryan School of Business and Economics, School of Education, School of Health and Human Performance, School of Human Environmental Sciences, School of Music, and School of Nursing. The University offers three doctoral degrees in eighteen areas of study, master’s degrees in a wide variety of concentrations including four Master of Fine Arts degrees, and a number of Post-Baccalaureate and Post-Master’s Certificates.

The Graduate Dean is the chief administrative officer of The Graduate School, taking general responsibility for the development, improvement, and administration of all graduate study at The University. The Dean of The Graduate School serves as an admissions officer who is responsible for administering the services to graduate students and programs. All matters of policy, procedures, and graduate curriculum are developed, approved, and implemented in consultation with programs and the Graduate Studies Committee.

The Graduate School Mission Statement

The Graduate School at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro promotes excellence in graduate education through leadership and service within the University and greater community. Leadership is provided through initiation of dialog regarding issues and trends in higher education; the development of innovative and timely graduate programs; support for improvement of existing, viable programs; the endorsement of policies and practices contributing to high quality education endeavors; and proactive advocacy for graduate faculty and students. Service is provided through recruitment and enrollment of well qualified students; professional, accurate, and timely response to requests and concerns; the maintenance of processes and procedures that are efficient and consistent with academic policies; and responsible use of resources. The Graduate School is committed to building collegial and mutually supportive relationships with all constituencies to create learning environments that contribute to outstanding achievement in learning, discovery, scholarship, and service.

Some of the activities coordinated by The Graduate School Staff:

  • Disseminate program and admission information to prospective students
  • Collect and process application materials submitted to The University
  • Coordinate the admission process with academic departments
  • Assist students with interpretation of policy, course registration and withdrawal
  • Monitor academic eligibility
  • Review theses/dissertations for formatting requirements
  • Process applications for Graduation
  • Process degree audits/degree clearances
  • Work with the Graduate Studies Committee to approve all new/revised graduate programs, curricula, and policy