The Graduate School will award recruitment grants to supplement innovative recruitment initiatives in academic departments and programs. Grants support activities that increase the number and quality of graduate applicants, and are contingent upon shared funding from the program’s department or college/school.

Examples of recruitment activities eligible for funding include departmental information sessions and open houses or on-campus events for prospective students, targeted mailings, advertisements, brochure development, tables/receptions at professional conferences, events targeted at undergraduate juniors & seniors in your own department, and purchasing of names of prospective graduate students from GRE or other sources. Other innovative ideas will also be considered. The overall number of grants is limited.

A letter of application (proposal) is required and should include the following:

  1. A detailed description of the proposed innovative recruitment activities
  2. An explanation of how these activities are innovative
  3. A detailed budget to justify the funds requested
  4. A description of how the success of the event/activity will be measured
  5. The signature of the appropriate department head or dean

The application letter is not to exceed two pages. Proposals for funding must be submitted by email as a PDF signed by the director of graduate studies or dean indicating commitment to provide shared funding for the initiative.

Priority will be given to proposals that provide thorough details and are new and innovative, with the potential for long-term effects. Funded programs will be required to provide a written assessment of the initiative prior to the end of the academic year in which the grant is awarded. In addition to the report, recipients will be strongly encouraged to share their experiences in a Recruitment Roundtable sponsored by the Graduate School.

Proposals for the current academic year can be submitted at anytime prior to April 1, 2017.
Funds awarded in the 2016-2017 academic year must be spent by July 1, 2017.

If you have questions, please contact Scott Hudgins in the Graduate School by e-mail at or phone (336) 334-4881.

Dr. John Kiss, Dean
Lori Wright, Assistant to the Dean

Department or Program Department Head or Program Director Director of Graduate Study
African American and African Diaspora Studies Program Dr. Nancy Maingi Dr. Cerise Glenn
Biology Dr. Matina Kalcounis-Rueppell Dr. Paul Steimle
Chemistry and Biochemistry Dr. Mitchell Croatt MS – Dr. Liam Duffy
PhD – Dr. Norman Chiu
Communication Studies Dr. Chris Poulos Dr. Loreen Olson
Computer Science Dr. Stephen Tate Dr. Jing Deng
English Dr. Scott Romine MA, PHD – Dr. Jennifer Feather
MFA – Mr. Terry Kennedy
Geography Dr. Corey Johnson Dr. Selima Sultana
History Dr. James Anderson Dr. Mark Elliott
Dr. Benjamin Filene
Interior Architecture Dr. Khoi Vo Dr. Jo Leimenstoll
Languages, Literatures and Cultures Dr. Amy Williamsen Dr. Claudia Cabello-Hutt
Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Ratnasingham Shivaji Dr. Maya Chhetri
Political Science Dr. William Crowther Dr. Ruth DeHoog
Psychology Dr. Stuart Marcovitch Dr. Michael Kane
Sociology Dr. David Kauzlarich Dr. Sarah Daynes
Women’s and Gender Studies Program Dr. Mark Rifkin Dr. Elizabeth L. Keathley
McRae Banks, Dean
Beth Todd, Executive Assistant to the Dean

Department or Program Department Head or Program Director Director of Graduate Study
Accounting and Finance Dr. Randal Elder Ms. Amanda Cromartie
Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies Chair: Dr. Nancy Hodges Dr. Kittichai Watchravesringkan
Economics Dr. Jeremy Bray Dr. Dennis Leyden
Information Systems and Supply Chain Management Dr. Gurpreet Dhillon Dr. William Brown
MBA Program Dr. Moses Acquaah
Administrative Dir. Ms. Tuisha Fernandes Stack
Dr. William Brown
Administrative Dir. Ms. Tuisha Fernandes Stack
Program Program Director Director of Graduate Study
Applied Arts and Sciences Program Ms. Kathleen Forbes Dr. Jeff Jones
Dr. Randall Penfield, Dean
Ms. Gabrielle Leonard, Assistant to the Dean

Department or Program Department Head or Program Director Director of Graduate Study
Counseling and Educational Development Dr. J. Scott Young Dr. L. DiAnne Borders
Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations Dr. Rochelle Brock EdS: Dr. Craig Peck
EdD: Dr. Kathryn Hytten
MSA, PMC: Dr. Brian Clarida
PhD: Dr. Silvia Bettez
Educational Research Methodology Dr. John Willse Dr. Robert Henson
Library and Information Studies Dr. Lisa O’Connor Dr. Nora Bird
Specialized Education Services Dr. Diane Ryndak Dr. Pamela Williamson
Teacher Education and Higher Education Dr. Colleen Fairbanks M.Ed.: Dr. Kerri Richardson
PhD: Dr. Dale Schunk
M.Ed. (Higher Education): Dr. Brad Johnson
PhD (Higher Education): Dr. Laura Gonzalez
Collaborative for Educator Preparation Dr. Jacqueline Dozier
Dr. Celia Hooper, Dean
Mary Ann Sensebaugh, Assistant to the Dean

Department or Program Department Head or Program Director Director of Graduate Study
Communication Sciences and Disorders Interim Chair: Dr. Robert Mayo Dr. Denise Tucker
Community and Therapeutic Recreation Dr. Stuart J. Schleien Dr. Stuart J. Schleien
Genetic Counseling Program Ms. Lauren Doyle Ms. Lauren Doyle
Gerontology Program Dr. Rebecca Adams Dr. Rebecca Adams
Human Development and Family Studies Dr. Mark Fine Dr. Stephanie Irby Coard

BKISED: Dr. Catherine Scott-Little

Kinesiology Dr. Scott Ross Dr. Paul Davis
Nutrition Dr. Ron Morrison Dr. Jigna Dharod
Peace and Conflict Studies Dr. Thomas Matyók Dr. Thomas Matyók
Public Health Education Dr. Tracy Nichols Dr. Kelly Rulison
Social Work Dr. Melissa Floyd-Pickard Dr. Jeffrey Shears
Dr. Robin Remsburg, Dean
Jennifer Catoe, Assistant to the Dean

Nursing Director of Graduate Study
MSN: Dr. Heidi Krowchuk
PhD: Dr. Robin Bartlett
DNP: Dr. Susan Denman
Dr. James Ryan, Dean
Jerri Price, Assistant to the Dean

Department Department Head Director of Graduate Study
Nanoscience Dr. Daniel Herr Dr. Hemali Rathnayake
Department Department Head
Anthropology Dr. Robert Anemone
Classical Studies Dr. Hugh Parker
Management Dr. Moses Acquaah
Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality, & Tourism Dr. James Boles
Media Studies Dr. Kimberlianne Podlas
Philosophy Dr. Gary Rosenkrantz
Physics and Astronomy Dr. Promod Pratap