Multiculturalism at UNC Greensboro

The University of North Carolina will never practice discrimination of any kind. Persons of any ethnic background, religious preference, gender, sexuality, and nationality are individuals and not classifications. We are committed to helping to end stereotypes, and have progressively approached issues relating to multicultural affairs.

UNC Greensboro Graduate Student Profile

Female Male Total
African American 386 (10.2%) 120 (3.2%) 506 (13%)
Asian 48 (1.3%) 31 (0.8%) 79 (2.1%)
Caucasian 1892 (50%) 904 (24%) 2796 (74%)
Hispanic 52 (1.3%) 24 (0.6%) 76 (2.0%)
Native American 11 (0.4%) 2 (0.1%) 13 (0.35%)
Multi-Racial 25 (0.6%) 17 (0.4%) 42 (1.1%)
Other 158 (4.2%) 94 (2.5%) 252 (6.7%)
Total 2572 (68.33%) 1192 (31.67%) 3746

Diversity at UNCG

There are more than 140 opportunities for involvement in campus organizations at UNCG. If you have an organization you want listed here, please e-mail the webmaster. To see the full list of student organizations, visit the Student Groups website.

  • Asian Students in Action (ASIA) serves as a support and education network for students of Asian descent and for the larger UNCG community. It also furthers pluralism, and acts as a political tool in achieving recognition and a strong voice in the matters of the UNCG community.
  • The Black Business Student Association serves as a support group for African-American students in the Bryan School of Business and Economics.
  • The Black Nursing Students Association facilitates the personal and professional development of black nursing students.
  • The Black Student Education Association is devoted to helping African-American students make an impact in the education of our nation’s youth.
  • The Associated Campus Ministries Center provides facilities and resources for the Campus Ministries groups on campus to meet.
  • There are 16 recognized fraternities and sororities at UNCG. The historically Black Greek letter organizations represented on campus are under the National Pan-Hellenic Council.
  • The Native American Student Association (NASA) aids in the recruitment and retention of Native American students at UNCG; promotes awareness among all members of the University community, among the general public, and among Native American students of the richness of Native American cultures.
  • The NAACP College Chapter improves the political, educational, social, and economic status of minority groups; eliminates racial prejudice; keeps the public aware of the adverse effects of racial discrimination and takes lawful action to secure its elimination.
  • The Neo Black Society (NBS) is open to all students interested in learning about African American culture. NBS has five standing committees and three performing groups. For more information, call the NBS office at 336.334.5550.
  • Pride! Online is a social and support group for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender students, faculty, staff and their family members. Contact the office at (336) 334-4282. The group also maintains a listserv for electronic communication.
  • Spanish American/Latino Student Association (SALSA) enhances the understanding of Latin culture through educational, social, and service activities.

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