Available Graduate Assistantships

Many students indicate a desire for employment in their academic units when they apply to the program. Their departments may hire them as a “teaching assistant” (TA), “research assistant” (RA), or, for general work, as a “graduate assistant” (GA). The websites you are now exploring are unlikely to have postings for openings within the academic units because faculty usually hire from within their own student body. Students who want to work in their own discipline are encouraged to discuss their desire for employment in the academic unit with their departmental faculty and staff.

However, graduate assistantships also are available in numerous non-academic departments across the campus. These opportunities include the Graduate School, Financial Aid Office, Student Affairs, and several other administrative and research centers. Job responsibilities focus on the needs of the hiring unit and may include general office duties, research, data entry or analysis, grant management, study hall monitoring, etc. Graduate students may find an employment opportunity that will not only provide financial assistance but also an experience that will contribute to their career goals. See below for eligibility requirements and instructions to search for one of these assistantship openings.

Eligibility Requirements for Assistantships

Students receiving financial support from the University through an assistantship are expected to maintain enrollment in fall and spring semesters in a minimum of six semester hours in a graduate degree program. They must have been admitted to the University unconditionally in a degree program and have maintained a minimum GPA of “B” (3.0). Students in non-degree and certificate or licensure programs are not eligible. Service hours may not exceed 20 hours per week in total.

To search for available jobs and assistantships:

  1. Go to : https://uncg-csm.symplicity.com/students/ or click on the SpartanCareers Logo on the Student Employment Office web page.
  2. Log in using your username and password:
    Username: Email address you use at UNCG
    Password: Your birthday (mmddyy)
  3. If logging in for the first time, review and complete your profile.
  4. Go to “Job Search” tab on top of tool bar.
  5. Use the “Position Type” search box to search part-time on-campus job listings.  This category will include Graduate Assistantships.