Past 3MT Competitions

2019 Competition Results

First Place Winner 

Gabrielle Dailey – Chemistry and Biochemistry (Dr. Ethan Will Taylor)

Hitchhikers Guide to Antioxidant Protein Expression: could Zika infection affect our cell’s selenium Biochemistry?

Awarded $1000 + travel and accommodation to the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools competition in Birmingham, AL to compete on Saturday, March 7, 2020.

Second Place Winner

Alyssa Bedrosian – Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (Dr. Claudia Cabello Hutt)

Write, tweet, march: How Argentina’s #NiUnaMenos employed discourse in digital and physical spaces to reach the masses

Awarded $500

People’s Choice Winner 

Brown Biggers – Computer Science (Somya Mohanty)

Dynamic Context Interpretation in Twitter 

Awarded $250

Top 10 Finalists

Sheeba Dawood -Nanoscience, Kristof Cank -Chemistry and Biochemistry, Alyssa Bedrosian -Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Shoroq Alkhattabi -Specialized Education Services, Elvis Foli -Kinesiology, Yener Ulus -Biology, Masahiro Yamada -Kinesiology, Brown Biggers -Computer Science, Gabrielle Dailey -Chemistry and Biochemistry, Yoojin Chang -Psychology

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2018 Competition Results

First Place and People’s Choice

Radmila PetricBiology

Second Place

Alla LetfullinaNanoscience

Top 10 Finalists

S Anandavalli, Counseling and Educational Development, Durga Majari Arvapalli, Nanoscience, Elvis Foli, Kinesiology, Linda Friend, Nutrition, Joseph LeBlanc, Counseling and Educational Development, Alla Letfullina, Nanoscience, Kyoungyoun Park, Kinesiology, Radmila Petric, Biology, Snehal Shah, Nanoscience, Yener Ulus, Biology


2017 Competition Results

First Place

Taylor MabeNanoscience

Second Place

Brian ConeKinesiology

People’s Choice

Leslie LocklearEducational Leadership and Cultural Foundations

Top 10 Finalists

Austin GrayBiologyDurga Manjari ArvapalliNanoscienceValerie FricaultBiologyBrian ConeKinesiologyLeslie LocklearEducational Leadership and Cultural FoundationsChelsea SmithBiologyOliver ThomasEducational Leadership and Cultural FoundationsKelly KingCounseling and Educational DevelopmentTaylor MabeNanoscience Maggie KellyEnglish

2016 Competition Results

1st Place and People’s Choice Award Winner

Jed Diekfuss, Kinesiology
“The Influence of Attentional Focus on Neuroplasticity Following a Seven-Day Balance Training Intervention”
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2nd Place

Paula Swindle, Counseling and Educational Development
“Religious Abuse: A Twisting of the Sacred”
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2015 Competition Results

1st Place

Angela Larsen, Biology, PhD program:
“Habitat Changes: Can We Grow Biofuel Feedstocks without Negatively Impacting Wildlife?”
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2nd Place

Vincent Sica, Chemistry and Biochemistry, PhD program:
“Accelerating Natural Product Drug Discovery: 6 Weeks to 6 Seconds”

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People’s Choice Award

Joseph Ross, History, PhD program:
“Judging Nuremberg: Creating the International Military Tribunal’s Human Rights Legacy in America and Beyond”
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2014 Competition Results

1st Place

Matt Marshall
Award – $1,000 + travel and accommodations to compete in the CSGS Conference 3MT Competition in New Orleans

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2nd Place

Rachel Bowman
Award – $500

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People’s Choice Award

Derek Shore
Award – $250

2013 Competition Results

First Place

Connie Albert, Information Systems and Supply Chain Management
“Protecting Children Online: Examining Predatory Behavior and Victimization of Children within Social Media”

Second Place

Stephanie Gardiner-Walsh, Specialized Education Services
“Mild or Unilateral Hearing Loss: Say What?!?”

People’s Choice Award

Michele Pye, Kinesiology
“Comparison of Neuromuscular Control Strategies Between Collegiate Female Dancers and Athletes”