2020 Graduate Research & Creativity Expo


This online showcase is only open to UNCG graduate students and groups who registered for the 2020 Graduate Research & Creativity Expo that was originally scheduled for April 1, 2020.

This online event is not a competition; it is a celebration of the amazing work of our UNCG graduate students. Your poster and video will not be judged as in previous Expos. Instead, every participant will be awarded a $150 scholarship for participation. Moreover, these videos can serve as an advertisement for your scholarship, can be used as a “video abstract” associated to your ETD submission in ProQuest, and be featured by University news outlets.

These posters and videos will be featured on websites that are publicly accessible; students are advised to consult with their advisors prior to submission if materials may contain proprietary information.


This Google form should only be submitted by solo presenters or the main presenter for group posters, see below for other members of group presentations.

  1. A PDF file of their poster.
  2. A YouTube link to a 3–5-minute video you create in which you speak about your poster and explain your scholarship and its impact to a general audience. (You may wish to keep your video unlisted or make it publicly searchable in YouTube; videos should not be set to private.) Tips from the Digital ACT Studio on Selecting Filming Environments.

Your metadata (title, coauthors, etc.) will be copied from your Expo submission form automatically.

Students who are part of a group and had planned to present an Expo poster together, should have the main representative submit the poster and a YouTube link in the form above.  Additional members of the group should create their own videos describing their contribution to the project and send their YouTube link directly to Laura Drew in order to collect their award.


All submissions must be received by noon on April 15, 2020 and YouTube links should be kept active through May 15, 2020.


In recognition of the effort required to convert this poster show to an online celebration of scholarship, each participant (including all parties in a group) will receive $150 in lieu of the judged awards that are usually given at Expo.


Contact Laura Drew at ladrew@uncg.edu.