The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is delighted to announce the establishment of two departmental awards for graduate students: one for excellence in teaching and one for excellence in research.

The inaugural recipients of these awards are Quinn Morris (teaching) and Byungjae Son (research).

About the Awards

Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Award
Presented to students with an exceptionally strong record of teaching. The graduate committee will consider student feedback and faculty classroom visits in making this decision. The committee may also consider classroom management and course materials such as tests and homework assignments in making their decision. Successful candidates may have a consistently strong teaching record or may have shown a dramatic improvement.

Graduate Student Research Excellence Award
Presented to students with an exceptionally strong research program. The graduate committee considers papers submitted to, accepted in, or appearing in refereed journals and refereed conference proceedings. The quality of the journal is also considered. Successful candidates will also have a strong record of research talks given at conferences and in seminars. Successful candidates will be regular attendees at all departmental colloquia and lecture series talks as well as discipline-specific seminars.

Quinn Morris: Recipient of the Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Award

dsc03349Throughout his teaching career at UNCG, Quinn has taught some 11 sections of College Algebra and four sections of Business Calculus. These classes are among the more difficult courses to teach because the students are often ill-prepared and sometimes math-phobic. Despite this challenge, Quinn has impressed faculty reviewers, and his student evaluations are outstanding. Faculty comment on his ability to engage his students and maintain their attention throughout his classes. His students comment on how approachable he is and how enjoyable his classes are. Many students go so far as to proclaim him the best professor they’ve ever had. It is clear that Quinn devotes a great deal of time and effort into his teaching. He is a model teaching assistant.

Byungjae Son: Recipient of the Graduate Student Research Excellence Award

dsc03348Byungjae Son’s research is exceptionally strong. In 2015-16, Byungjae had a joint paper accepted to the Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Application (ranked A in the Australian Mathematics Journal List) and a further paper appeared in this same journal in 2016. He also submitted two joint papers to refereed journals in 2016. One of these has already been accepted into “Topological Methods in Nonlinear Analysis” (ranked B in the Australian Mathematics Journal List). He has been invited to speak at the AMS Fall Sectional Meeting in Raleigh in 2016; he has delivered talks at the Southeastern Atlantic Regional Conference on Differential Equations, the 11th Annual UNCG-RMSC, and the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Seattle. He gave a further four conference talks in previous years. He also attended an IMA Mathematical Modeling in Industry Workshop as well as many other conferences, workshops, and summer schools. Byungjae’s research program serves as a model to which all PhD students should aspire.