The Accelerated Bachelor’s to Graduate Degree Program (ADP) is designed to provide a more efficient means to obtain a graduate degree. The program is for students who have a high GPA and want to start taking courses that will count towards both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. The University benefits from retaining its best students for advanced study and students benefit from the shortened time to degree.

The ADP allows a student to begin accumulating credits towards completion of a graduate degree while still enrolled as an undergraduate. Undergraduates participating in this program are given an early decision on their graduate application pending successful completion of the baccalaureate and are allowed to take specified graduate level courses during the spring semester of their junior year and/or during their senior year.

A maximum of 12 graduate credits taken during the undergraduate career may be applied towards completion of the graduate degree as long as the following criteria are met:

  • The courses must be appropriate to attain the necessary competencies for the graduate degree,
  • The student must earn a grade of “B” (3.0) or better in each course,
  • The courses must be at the 500-level or above, and the student must fulfill the graduate level requirements of those courses.

These graduate-level courses will count towards the baccalaureate degree and the graduate degree, and the grades will be recorded on the undergraduate transcript and later on the graduate transcript. The Graduate School will authorize the acceptance of this credit on the student’s graduate record after the student has completed the undergraduate degree and has been admitted to the graduate program.

Academic units interested in participating in the ADP must provide a proposal to both the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and the Graduate Studies Committee that indicates how the necessary courses will be incorporated into this accelerated program. Specific graduate courses (some may be at the 500 level) must be identified for the accelerated program rather than permitting the selection of electives.

Participation in the ADP by any academic unit is optional. Each academic unit will develop admission criteria based on the following guidelines:

  1. Minimal criteria for admission will include a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.5 based on at least 30 hours earned at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro (UNCG), and any additional criteria as determined by the academic unit.
  2. The undergraduate student may not apply for admission to the ADP before the first semester of the junior year and must have completed at least 60 semester credits.
  3. The student must apply for admission to the ADP through The Graduate School. This admission, if approved, will include admission to the graduate degree granting academic unit after the baccalaureate degree is awarded. After admission into the ADP, the student will be identified as having ADP status through a student group within the records management system. To ensure a timely decision and access to course enrollment, students must apply for ADP admission by July 1 for Fall ADP course enrollment, November 15 for Spring enrollment, and April 1 for Summer enrollment.

International students who are admitted into the ADP will work with The Graduate School and the Office of International Affairs in order to apply for a visa extension.

Academic units that want to participate in the ADP will develop a clear admissions and advising process for the ADP. In departments where a formal ADP arrangement does not exist, a student may petition the department to offer an individualized ADP. In such cases at the discretion of the department, the student may be granted permission to negotiate an individualized ADP that is within the framework of the existing guidelines. The individualized ADP must be approved by both the department Director of Undergraduate Study and Director of Graduate Study, and then be submitted to The Graduate School. All students must submit the Request for Accelerated Degree Program (form found in graduate application) to the Graduate School and must simultaneously apply for admission to the appropriate graduate degree program.

To avoid losing eligibility for financial aid as an undergraduate student, ADP students should work with their advisors and develop individual graduation plans showing that the courses taken at the graduate level will meet requirements in their bachelor’s degree program.

A student admitted into the ADP will complete up to twelve graduate credit hours that can be applied toward the undergraduate degree during the second-semester junior and senior year. Following admission to the graduate program, those courses may be incorporated into a graduate program. While an undergraduate, the student must enroll for graduate credit but will pay the appropriate undergraduate tuition for the specified graduate courses. Differential tuition fees will apply for those courses in programs that have been approved for these special fees.

Only courses in which a “B” or above has been earned will be included on the graduate plan of study. Students who complete the undergraduate degree may claim their status as graduate students (with the appropriate graduate credit) in the next semester or session after receiving the bachelor’s degree.

Admission to the ADP is a promise of formal admission to the Graduate School and the academic unit after completion of the bachelor’s degree. Students will not be required to take the GRE or other entrance examination unless stipulated by the department for the ADP. ADP students will still be considered undergraduate students until the baccalaureate degree is officially awarded. At that time, those students will be formally admitted into The Graduate School, and the courses will be reflected on both transcripts.

Accelerated Degree Programs are offered in the following areas:

College of Arts and Sciences

Communication Studies

  • Accelerated BA to MA Degree Program in Communication Studies

Computer Science

  • Accelerated BS to MS Degree Program in Computer Science


  • Accelerated BA to MA Degree Program in English

Interior Architecture

  • Accelerated BFA to MFA Degree Program in Interior Architecture


  • Accelerated BA to MA Degree Program in Geography

Women’s and Gender Studies

  • Accelerated BA to MA in Women’s and Gender Studies

School of Health and Human Sciences

Community & Therapeutic Recreation

  • Accelerated BS to MS in Parks and Recreation Management

The Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering


  • Accelerated BS in Physics to PhD in Nanoscience

Joseph M. Bryan School of Business and Economics


  • Accelerated BS to MS Degree Program in Accounting

Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies

  • Accelerated BS to MS Degree Program in Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies


  • Accelerated BA or BS to MA in Applied Economics

Information Systems & Supply Chain Management

  • Accelerated BS to MS Degree Program in Information Technology and Management