Pursuit of a graduate degree should be continuous. Students pursuing a graduate degree program should normally be enrolled each Fall and Spring semester, or one semester during the academic year in combination with Summer Session, for coursework that is approved for their program of study and selected in consultation with the departmental Director of Graduate Study.

The policy on continuous enrollment normally requires that a student be enrolled continuously, as defined above, from the time of entry into a graduate degree program through the completion of all required coursework, including the required hours of 699 and 799. Students who have already enrolled in the maximum number of 699/799 hours but who have not yet completed the requirements for thesis/dissertation are required to enroll in additional coursework as described below.

Students completing their thesis or dissertation must enroll in and pay tuition and fees for not less than one nor more than three hours of thesis/dissertation extension credit each semester, after consultation with and approval by their faculty adviser. These hours will not count toward the degree. Students required to enroll in additional hours to complete their master’s thesis will enroll in departmental 801 (example: ART 801-Thesis Extension), and doctoral students completing their dissertation will enroll in departmental 802 (example: ENG 802-Dissertation Extension). All thesis and dissertation students must be enrolled in thesis/dissertation preparation (699/799) or the thesis/dissertation extension courses (801/802) for credit during the semester in which they complete their graduate work and are scheduled to receive their degrees.

A graduate student who has been admitted with full graduate standing to a graduate degree program but has not completed any 500-level or above courses at the University for two consecutive semesters (or a semester and Summer Session) is considered to have withdrawn from the curriculum. The student will be required to file an application for readmission to The Graduate School to resume the course of study. A student who withdraws will be required to comply with regulations and requirements in effect at the time of readmission to The Graduate School.

Students in planned summer-only programs of study should maintain annual summer session patterns of enrollment and course completion throughout the program of study for the degree.