Applying for Graduation
Students must formally apply for graduation to The Graduate School by the end of the first week of classes during the term in which they plan to graduate. Degrees are awarded at the end of each semester and the second summer session (i.e., in December, May, and August).

Diplomas and transcripts of students owing money to the University will be withheld until the account is cleared. Students may not be admitted to and graduate from the same degree or certificate program in the same academic term.

Students who do not apply for graduation before the published deadline for any semester may apply for graduation during the next semester. Students who have applied for graduation but fail to meet the requirements must reapply for graduation by the published deadline for the semester in which they will fulfill the requirements.

Degrees are conferred only after all requirements are completed and the Board of Trustees has taken official action.

GPA Requirement for Graduation
For the completion of graduate programs, the overall GPA for graduate courses taken at UNCG must be at least 3.0. Additionally, the overall GPA for all courses included on the student’s final Plan of Study must be at least 3.0. A GPA of 3.0 or better may be required in the major field at the option of the major department.

In the case of a student who has attempted the minimum number of semester hours for the degree or certificate without achieving the required GPA, the Vice Provost and Dean of The Graduate School, upon the recommendation of the department, may permit the student to continue taking courses in an effort to earn the required minimum GPA. If permission is granted, a maximum of 25% of the coursework hours required for the program may be added to the plan of study, not to exceed 12 hours. The additional hours may not be independent study.
Students completing all degree requirements by the end of the spring semester are encouraged to participate in the May Doctoral Hooding or Commencement ceremony. Students completing all degree requirements by the end of the fall semester are encouraged to participate in the December Doctoral Hooding or Commencement ceremony. Students completing all degree requirements by the end of the Summer Session may participate in either the May or December Doctoral Hooding or Commencement ceremony by applying to graduate, paying the graduation fee, and notifying The Graduate School. Degree candidates will not earn degrees nor be graduated from the University until they have completed all degree requirements. Participation in a commencement ceremony does not presume graduation from the University.

Only those doctoral candidates whose degree requirements are completed by the established deadlines (see the Academic Calendar) are authorized to participate in the University’s formal December or May Doctoral Hooding ceremony.

Graduation Fee
The graduation fee of $70 for master’s and Specialist in Education candidates, $85 for the combined MS/EdS candidates, and $70 for doctoral candidates is payable in the Cashier’s and Student Accounts Office. The Bryan School requires an additional $25 graduation fee that goes directly to the Bryan School. Students who do not graduate in the term for which they originally applied must file a new application. Check with The Graduate School regarding your status.

Degree Name Changes
Graduates who have been awarded a degree by UNCG will not be able to convert that degree to another if later the name of the degree is changed.