The University of North Carolina at Greensboro supports a leave of absence policy to assist graduate students who are temporarily unable to continue their programs. The leave of absence may extend for up to one academic year. Acceptable reasons for requesting such a leave usually include military service, bereavement, illness, caregiving, maternity, and paternity. Students requesting a leave of absence must submit an application to their department/school/unit chairperson or director.

Preparing the Application for Leave of Absence
In consultation with the supervising faculty member, the Application for Leave of Absence form is to be completed by the student, and signed by both the student and the advisor or supervising faculty member. The application is to be submitted to the chairperson/director for review and signature before being forwarded to the Vice Provost and Dean of The Graduate School. Whenever possible, application should be made in advance of the anticipated leave or as soon as possible after commencement of the leave. Whenever possible, it is helpful if the commencement and termination of the leave coincide with the beginning of a semester or session.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the proposed leave is compatible with the regulations of any granting agency from which funding would normally be received during the leave period and that such agencies are informed of the proposed leave. Students on student loan programs should clarify the consequences that such a leave may have on their repayment status. International students are advised to consult with the Office of International Students regarding their immigration status during a proposed leave.

Students granted a leave of absence will have their time-to-completion of degree extended by the amount of time granted in the leave of absence. The continuous enrollment policy will also be held in abeyance during this time.

Graduate student appointees who are granted a leave of absence will have their salary and stipend suspended during the period of their leave. If feasible, the remainder of their appointment will be held for them upon their return to the next term. In the event that a student appointee and chairperson/director disagree on the leave or its arrangements, students may appeal to The Graduate School. See Appeals Procedure.

Readmission After Failure to Maintain Continuous Enrollment Without a Leave of Absence
A student who fails to enroll in courses for more than one semester without an official leave of absence must file an application for readmission and pay the $65.00 application fee.