This 30 hour degree offers a cohesive program that begins with a strong interdisciplinary core of six courses (Introduction to Data Analytics – Methods and Approaches, Statistical Methods for Data Analytics, Preparing Data for Analytics, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization, and Solving Problems with Data Analytics) designed to provide a solid foundation of data science principles. In addition to the core, there are seven unique, interactive and engaging concentrations each requiring 3 courses and a capstone. The hallmark of this program will be the capstone experience, which bridges knowledge-to-practice. The capstone provides students with a mentored experience to solve important data science problems with local industries and not-for-profit organizations. This program is designed to teach skills that are highly sought after in industry and upon completion, students will be ready to enter a data science profession as a problem-solver and a leader. A full-time student can finish this program in 12-18 months and part-time students can expect to finish in 18-36 months.