Program Details

The Master of Science in Informatics and Analytics program is a 30-credit degree that requires six core courses, three additional courses in a chosen concentration and a capstone experience in that same concentration.
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Core courses:
  • IAF 601: Introduction to Data Analytics
  • IAF 602: Statistical Methods for Data Analytics
  • IAF 603: Preparing Data for Analytics
  • IAF 604: Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics
  • IAF 605: Data Visualization
  • IAF 606: Solving Problems with Data Analytics
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Capstone course:

A final requirement is the completion of a capstone project. Students work with professors, industries, and nonprofits to solve important data science problems.


This concentration provides students with a solid foundation in applied statistical methods and applications with specialized training in handling complex big data.

Required Courses (6):

IAA 621: Statistical Computing

IAA 622: Complex Data Analysis

One course from the following (3): IAA 623: Categorical Data Analysis, IAA 624: Multivariate Analysis, IAA 625: Survey Sampling

This concentration provides students with knowledge in the areas of big data and data science. Students will learn theories, algorithms and technologies towards the development of analytical systems and models for disparate, complex and small/large scale datasets.

Required Courses (9):

IAC 620: Algorithm Analysis and Design

IAC 621: Data Science

IAC 622: Big Data and Machine Learning

The Bioinformatics concentration is an interdisciplinary field that develops and applies computational methods to analyze large biological datasets. Large datasets created by generation sequencing technologies are explored. Students learn how to analyze and explore genome sequences, gene expression profiles, biomedical literature reports and medical images.

Required Courses (9):

IAB 620: Introduction to Bioinformatics

IAB 621: Bioinformatics

IAB 622: Advanced Bioinformatics

Students in the Cultural Analytics concentration investigate cultural trends and the circulation of digital artifacts using text mining methods and exploratory data analysis.

Required Courses (9):

IAL 620: Text Mining and Natural Language Processing

IAL 621: Content Analysis for Social Network Data

IAL 622: The Internet of Things and Wearable Analytics

Students in the Geospatial Analysis concentration analyze geographic data by examining economic, environmental, physical, and social phenomena. They acquire in-depth knowledge of methods and principles while gaining expertise in the leading geographic software packages.

Required Courses (9):

IAG 620: Understanding Geographic Information Systems

Two courses from the following:

IAG 621: Advanced Cartography, IAG 622: GIS Applications in Urban Planning, IAG 623: Advanced Geographic Information Systems, IAG 624: Advanced Remote Sensing Imaging, IAG 625: Spatial Analysis, IAG 626: GIS Programming and Design Application

Cost and Other Details:

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is a public, coeducational, doctoral-granting, residential university and one of the three original institutions of the University of North Carolina System. It has an enrollment of over 20,000 students, including 3,500 graduate students and 2,500 full-time faculty and staff, making it one of the most diverse universities in the UNC System. With ethnic minority students making up more than half of the student body, UNC Greensboro is focused on inclusive learning with a culture that embodies access, equity, diversity, excellence and collaboration.

The costs in the table below are based on the typical full-time student path (9 hours for the first 3 semesters, 3 hours for the final semester) and the 2020-2021 schedule of tuition and fees. To see the most recent schedule, visit the cashier’s website.

Note: There is a planned increase in differential tuition from $100 to $150 per credit hour that will go into place for all MSIA courses in Fall 2021. This amount is reflected in the calculations below.


In-State Out-of-State
Face-to-Face Online, Inside NC Online, Outside NC Face-to-Face Online, Inside NC Online, Outside NC
$17,446 $13,499 $21,174 $41,453 $33,672 $21,174