Here are listed some of the common questions that are asked of us. If you do not find the answer to your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call us at 336.334.5596.

What qualifications do I need to apply to graduate school at UNCG?
At minimum, you need to hold a Bachelors Degree from an accredited college or university. Most graduate programs also have their own set of criteria as well, such as standardized test scores.

I took the GRE about 10 years ago. Can I submit those scores?
No. If the program to which you are applying requires test scores, they must have been taken within the past 5 years.

I’m considering transferring from another university to complete my graduate work at UNC Greensboro. Will all my classes transfer as credit?
Degree students may transfer up to 1/3 of the minimum number of (non-dissertation) hours required by the program. Certificate students may transfer up to 3 hours. Transfer credit is accepted at the discretion of the department and with the approval of The Graduate School. All transfer credit must meet Graduate School policies (Graduate School Bulletin).

What happens to my application after you receive it?
When we receive an application, we review it place any received credentials with it. The department able to view your application once it is submitted. Once all credentials are received, the department is notified that the application is ready for review. If the department recommends that you be admitted into the program, the Assistant Dean of The Graduate School will conduct a final review of your materials, and will make the final determination of eligibility. Once accepted, you will be notified by The Graduate School with a written letter offering you admittance to the program.

Does it matter if I apply early?
Yes. Your application is processed as soon as it is received. By applying early, we can resolve any problems that may occur with plenty of time left before the beginning of the term. Remember that The Graduate School will process around 3500 applications. As deadlines approach, it becomes much more difficult to give individual attention to details that may not be 100% accurate.

What is the difference between official and unofficial transcripts?
Official transcripts have the original seal of the given university Registrar and are sent directly from one university to another. Unofficial transcripts are copies given to a student to document their career at an institution. You may send to us unofficial transcripts as part of the completed application packet, but if you are admitted to a graduate degree program at UNCG, you must have official transcripts that show the conferral of your bachelor’s or master’s degree sent to The Graduate School within 30 days of matriculation.

I have completed course work at UNCG in the past. Do I need official transcripts sent to the Graduate School from UNCG?
No. This information is available to our admitting office, and does not need to be officially requested. Check with the Registrar’s office if you have questions about your academic history with UNCG.

What if my credentials are sent to your office at different times than my application?
Your credentials are placed within a filing system and will be matched with your application once it is submitted. Credentials are held up to two years only. If the credentials are sent after we receive your application, they will be matched when they are entered into our database. We do ask, however, that you try to submit all required credentials in a complete packet.

What if I just want to take a course or two? Do I have to enroll in a program?
Our Visions program is designed just for that purpose. If you need to renew your teacher licensure, or if you wish to take a class in order to determine if you wish to apply to a program, or if you just have a love of learning, Visions may be the answer for you. All you need to do is fill out an enrollment form, this can be done online or via printing the paper form. Please be aware that not all courses are available to Visions students. Check with the department before enrolling in a class.

Can I speak with an advisor?
We would be happy to get you in contact with the office to which you are applying. It is within the department where prospective students can speak with someone about the specifics of a program. You can also get the contact information from the Academic Programs.

How long do I have to complete my degree?
Even going part-time to UNCG, it should not take longer than 5 years to complete any of our master’s degrees. Many courses are scheduled in the late afternoon or evening to accommodate graduate students that cannot attend classes during the daytime hours.

I’m going to graduate this term. What do I need to do?
Complete an Online Graduation Application. This MUST be in The Graduate School office by the deadline date. We must strictly adhere to these dates in order to have the diplomas printed on time.