CategoryCommunity ImpactAuthor(s)SchoolAcademic DepartmentProject TitleFinalist Presenting TimeFM TitleFM First NameFM Last Name
Art & Humanities SocialChristen BassHHSPeace and Conflict StudiesInvisible Faces: Understanding the Link Between Diversity, Violence, and Marginalized GroupsN/ADr.Marcia Hale
Art & Humanities ScholarlyLauren DillonA&SHistoryAmerican History Textbook & Curriculum Debates in North Carolina Public Schools, 1950-19791:30-2:30
Dr.Mandy L. Cooper
Art & Humanities InnovationChris Gilly-Forrer, Iyanna HuffingtonVPATheatreCo-Direction for "The Julies" (or, breaking the myth of director-as-captain)1:30-2:30
Dr.John Gulley
Art & Humanities Community EngagementHayley GreenstreetVPATheatreWake Up, Brother Bear! - UNCG's First Production for Very Young Audiences2:30-3:30
Ms.Rachel Briley
Art & Humanities ScholarlyRobert HairstonVPAMusicContextualizing George Rochberg’s Black Sounds and the Connection to Edgard Varèse1:30-2:30
Dr.Kevin M. Geraldi
Art & Humanities EducationalTessa Larson, Maggie Ramirez, Rebecca Germany, Brittany Kaehler and LeeArron KolstermanVPAMusicThe female perspective as seen through Pauline Viardot’s CendrillonN/ADr.Robert Wells
Art & Humanities ScholarlyAshley LowA&SHistoryFrom Nuremberg to North Carolina: The Enduring History of Eugenics, 1945-19551:30-2:30
Dr.Teresa Walch
Art & Humanities ScholarlyIan McLaughlinA&SEnglishMuggle Magic: Harry Potter and the Mirror of Social Media1:30-2:30
Dr.Heather Adams
Art & Humanities AestheticsJohn PerineVPATheatre for YouthPage to Stage: Bringing Comics to Life in Flora & Ulysses2:30-3:30
Art & Humanities SocietalSteisha PintadoVPAArtYou Will Be With Me in Paradise2:30-3:30
Ms.Barbara Campbell Thomas
Art & Humanities CulturalKaren SaboVPATheatreAs You Like It: Building Community and Bridging History2:30-3:30
Art & Humanities EducationalKelly SandovalVPATheatreScenic Design - Wake Up Brother Bear!1:30-2:30
Dr.Randall McMullen
Health SciencesHealth and/or SafetyKelsey BittelHHSKinesiologyAssociations between behavioral regulations and sedentary behavior among older adultsN/ADr.Jaclyn P. Maher
Health SciencesHealth and/or SafetyJason Brantley, Traci Parry, Louisa Tichy, and George BlackburnHHSKinesiologyEffects of Exercise Modality on Tumor Growth and Skeletal Function in Tumor Bearing Mice1:30-2:30
Health SciencesHealth and/or SafetyIsabelle "Belle" DowningHHSCommunity and Therapeutic RecreationTrauma Informed Care in Recreation Therapy Practice2:30-3:30
Health SciencesEducationalHeather EmmonsHHSNutritionEffects of High Saturated Fat on Dopamine Neurotransmission1:30-2:30
Dr.Steven C.Fordahl
Health SciencesScholarlyOlivia FrangosHHSKinesiologyWho is the research for? Reviewing sample populations and the applicability of research designs in breast biomechanics: a systematic review2:30-3:30
Dr.Christopher K. Rhea
Health SciencesHealth and/or SafetyDerek Hevel HHSKinesiologyPromoting Physical Activity through EmotionsN/ADr.Jaclyn P. Maher
Health SciencesHealth and/or SafetyBrynn HudginsHHSKinesiologyDoes the type of sedentary behavior moderate affective responses during sedentary behavior among older adults?N/ADr.Jaclyn P. Maher
Health SciencesTechnologicalAnitha Jayapalan, Frank TukurNANONanoscienceHybridizing cobalt oxide@ carbon dot nanoparticles with doxorubicin and targeting ligand for selective anti-cancer efficacy1:30-2:30
Dr.Jianjun Wei
Health SciencesHealth and/or SafetyFrank Morales Shniader, Moukbel Nasr, Jennifer H. Simpson, and Bakhos A. TannousA&SChemistry and BiochemistryStability and Degradation of Epitranscriptome During Sample StorageN/ADr.NormanChiu
Health SciencesHealth and/or SafetyMoukbel Nasr, Renata L. Fleming, Bakhos A. Tannous, and Norman H. L. ChiuA&SChemistry and BiochemistryDetermining the half-maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50) by a luciferase luminescent assay1:30-2:30
Dr.Norman Chiu
Health SciencesHealth and/or SafetyLove OdetolaHHSPublic Health EducationIt's like there's salt' in the water1:30-2:30
Health SciencesHealth and/or SafetyJesse Sims and Hannah Koch, Dr. Laurie Wideman Gold and Dr. William AdamsHHSKinesiologySubjective vs objective measures of thermoregulatory function during sleep in hot vs cold environments1:30-2:30
Health SciencesHealth and/or SafetyLouisa Tichy, Jason T. Brantley and Dr. Traci L. ParryHHSKinesiologyEffects of Low Intensity Treadmill Exercise during Cancer Cachexia in the Male Tumor Bearing Mouse2:30-3:30
Dr.Traci L. Parry
Health SciencesScholarlyJarod VanceHHSKinesiologyThe effects of exercise on cognition: The impact of aging2:30-3:30
Dr.Jennifer L. Etnier
Natural Sciences InnovationTahniat AfsariNANONanoscienceNanoscale Rotating Robots Offers New Promising Biomedicinal ApplicationsN/ADr.Suzanne Ahmed
Natural Sciences EnvironmentalKathryn Bloodworth, Sarah Gora, Dr. Clare Kazanski, and Dr. Elizabeth BachA&SBiologyEffects of fire frequency on shaping multiple conservation outcomes in tallgrass prairie.1:30-2:30
Dr.Sally E. Koerner
Natural Sciences Health and/or SafetySeraiah Coe, Sourav Chakraborty and Dr. Ramji BhandariA&SBiologyAre grandparents’ lifestyles responsible for their grandchildren’s health?2:30-3:30
Dr.Ramji Bhandari
Natural Sciences ScholarlyJosh FrostA&SChemistry and BiochemistryStereoselective Small Molecule Desymmetrizations1:30-2:30
Dr.Kimberly Petersen
Natural Sciences EnvironmentalSarah GoraA&SBiologyNitrogen response of belowground traits in tallgrass prairie1:30-2:30
Dr.Sally E. Koerner
Natural Sciences EducationalKalani ThalagodaA&SMathematics and StatisticsPatterns, Symmetry, Math and Modular FormsN/ADr.DanYasaki
Physical & Mathematical Sciences Health and/or SafetyJong Won (Peter) Lee, Dr. Rosemery Nelson-Gray and Dr. Jake KingA&SMathematics and StatisticsGenerating Multiple Regression model of the romantic relationships’ association with borderline personality disorder traits.N/ADr.JianpingSun
Physical & Mathematical Sciences Health and/or SafetyFrank Tukur, Dr. Bhawna BagraNANONanoscienceLab-on-a-chip Sensor For Disease Diagnostics2:30-3:30
Social Sciences, Education, & Business EducationalShoroq Alkhattabi EDSpecialized Education ServicesWhere Do Students with Moderate Intellectual Disabilities Belong?1:30-2:30
Social Sciences, Education, & Business EducationalSeunghyun Baek , Donal Howley and Yanhua ShenHHSKinesiologyPromoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in Physical Education teacher educationN/ADr.BenDyson
Social Sciences, Education, & Business EducationalKayla BakerEDEducational Leadership & Cultural FoundationsThe Backbone is Speaking: Uplifting Black Women Voices on the Socialization of Black Youth2:30-3:30
Social Sciences, Education, & Business SocialCathryn BennettEDTeacher Education and Higher EducationRefugee Women and Higher Education Across S/Place and Time1:30-2:30
Social Sciences, Education, & Business TechnologicalMd Arif IqbalBSBEConsumer, Apparel, and Retail StudiesTechnology Adoption in the Apparel Industry of Bangladesh: A Qualitative StudyN/ADr.JinSu
Social Sciences, Education, & Business ScholarlyImani MitchellHHSHuman Development and Family StudiesDoes timing of exposure matter: Maternal depressive symptoms in early and middle childhood and academic outcomes in adolescence1:30-2:30
Social Sciences, Education, & Business EducationalMichelle RoseVPAMusic EducationThe Impact of Web Cameras on Middle and High School Students Enrolled in Online Music Classes2:30-3:30
Social Sciences, Education, & Business EducationalEdward SheehyA&SMasters in Applied Arts and SciencesThe Polis Framework and the Democratization of EducationN/ADr.SusieBoles
Social Sciences, Education, & Business EducationalTi'Era WorsleyEDHigher Education - ScienceOf Course I Signed Up For STEM With You! Informal STEM Learning Environments as a Socio-Spatial ImaginaryN/ADr.EdnaTan