For anyone with an undergraduate degree considering a return to the classroom, the Visions Program is a convenient and accessible way to take graduate level courses. Visions students can explore a graduate program on a part-time basis, renew a teaching licensure, or simply grow as a student.

Credits earned through the Visions Program are recorded in the University Registrar’s Office on an official transcript. Up to nine hours can be applied to a future degree if you choose to enroll in a degree-seeking program down the road or three hours may be applied to our certificate programs. Credit earned must fall within the timeline for completing the degree or certificate.

We aim to make applying to Visions as painless as possible. We do not require official transcripts, personal recommendations, test scores, or a personal statement. A $25.00 non-refundable fee is charged each semester a Visions enrollment form is submitted.

Should you apply for ​more than one semester, you will need to create a new application each time. You may use the same email address, however a new username and password will be needed​.​
When applying to the Visions Program, please fill out the following sections of our online application:

  • Biographical Information
  • North Carolina Resident Information
  • Program and Waiver Information
  • Campus Safety
  • Prior Colleges (do not have to attach transcripts)

Students considering later enrollment in a degree program are strongly encouraged to contact their department to determine which Visions class will count toward your degree.

  • No courses below the 500-level will count toward a graduate degree.
  • A maximum of 9 hours in courses numbered 749 and below may be taken through Visions and applied to a graduate degree or 3 hours for a certificate. Credit earned must fall within the timeline for completing the degree or certificate.
  • There are restrictions on which classes are available to Visions students. Contact the department of interest for more information.
  • Some courses have prerequisites or co-requisites, which are noted in the current Graduate Bulletin. These requirements must be met before students are allowed to register unless the instructor gives permission for individual students to enroll.
  • Written permission from the instructor and/or department is required for enrollment in a closed or restricted course(s). Students must obtain such permission on a Drop/Add permission form and returned to the University Registrar’s Office (180 Mossman Building).
If admitted to take classes through Visions, computing accounts (including iSpartan email and Canvas) must be activated by the student.
To be eligible to enroll, you must:

  • Apply online and submit the $25 non-refundable application fee.
  • Have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited College or University.
  • Not be currently enrolled as a degree student at UNCG.
  • Do not have an application for admission to The Graduate School under review for the same semester.
  • Check with the department of interest (e.g., Art, Business Administration) and meet special requirements that may exist for that department.
  • Visions students are not eligible for financial aid.
Students entering UNCG through the Visions program are not eligible for financial aid. Only recognized University degree programs are considered for financial aid.
Students registering for more than four credit hours of course work in a semester must obtain immunization clearance as required by the State of North Carolina. To obtain additional information about completing this requirement, please see Student Health Services.
For parking information, please call 336-334-5861 or go to
Public school teachers and administrators who wish to take courses solely for licensure renewal credit may do so as Visions students. If credit is to be applied to a graduate degree, the student must submit an application to The Graduate School before the completion of the course. If the student meets all requirements for full admission as a graduate degree student, they will receive the licensure renewal credit.
Visions students will receive their registration information through email. They will then log into UNCGenie to sign up for classes.
Residency status (for tuition purposes) is determined prior to registration based on your application. For more information on residency, please click here.
The UNCG SpartanCard ID is acquired in Elliott University Center, Room 121. A SpartanCard ID allows access to library materials and other facilities such as the dining hall, computer labs, and the student recreation center. For more information, please call 336-334-5651 or go to
When registration is complete, textbooks and supplies may be purchased in the University Bookstore, located in Elliott University Center.
Tuition and fees are due at the time of registration. Registration will not be confirmed until tuition and fees are pain in full. Visions students pay the same tuition and fees as graduate degree students at UNCG.
Separate bills will not be mailed to individuals, but may be viewed online at UNCGenie. Please visit the Cashier’s Office website for Cost of Tuition & Fees.

There are two ways to pay:

  • Online via UNCGenie with a credit card
  • In person at the UNCG Cashier’s Office in 151 Mossman with a personal check, cash, or money order

Questions regarding tuition, fees, and refunds should be directed to:
Cashiers & Student Accounts Office
151 Mossman Building