For anyone with an undergraduate degree considering a return to the classroom, the Visions Program is a convenient and accessible way to take graduate level courses. Visions students can explore a graduate program on a part-time basis, renew a teaching licensure, or simply grow as a student.

Credits earned through the Visions Program are recorded in the University Registrar’s Office on an official transcript. Up to nine hours can be applied to a future degree if you choose to enroll in a degree-seeking program down the road or three hours may be applied to our certificate programs. Credit earned must fall within the timeline for completing the degree or certificate.

We aim to make applying to Visions as painless as possible. We do not require official transcripts, personal recommendations, test scores (unless non-native speaker then ESL proficiency is required), or a personal statement. A $25.00 non-refundable fee is charged each semester a Visions enrollment form is submitted.

Should you apply for ​more than one semester, you will need to create a new application each time. Visions applications must be submitted no later than the Friday of the first week of classes for the semester.

Students considering later enrollment in a degree program are strongly encouraged to contact their department to determine which Visions class will count toward your degree.

  • No courses below the 500-level will count toward a graduate degree.
  • A maximum of 9 hours in courses numbered 749 and below may be taken through Visions and applied to a graduate degree or 3 hours for a certificate. Credit earned must fall within the timeline for completing the degree or certificate.
  • There are restrictions on which classes are available to Visions students. Contact the department of interest for more information.
  • Some courses have prerequisites or co-requisites, which are noted in the current UNCG Catalog. These requirements must be met before students are allowed to register unless the instructor gives permission for individual students to enroll.
  • Written permission from the instructor and/or department is required for enrollment in a closed or restricted course(s). Students must obtain such permission on a Drop/Add permission form and returned to the University Registrar’s Office (180 Mossman Building).
If admitted to take classes through Visions, computing accounts (including iSpartan email and Canvas) must be activated by the student.
Program Visions Available? Suggested Courses Additional Information
Accounting Yes* ACC 201, ACC 202 *Only ACC 201 and ACC 202 are available to VISIONS students.
African American and Dispora Studies No None None
Art Yes* ART 120, ART 140, ART 150, ART 529, ART 535, ART 540 *Beg. undergrad courses available. Advanced courses require portfolio AND instructor permission. Some courses may require prerequisites.
Biology Yes All 500 level courses Must have prerequisites or permission from instructor. Visions students are restricted from registering for undergraduate BIO coursework. If a student is interested in undergraduate BIO coursework they should enroll in the Post-baccalaureate Program which is designed for individuals that have not completed all of their requirements for health professional schools.
Business Administration Yes Please check with the department
Chemistry and Biochemistry Yes CHE 536, 553, 555, 556, 557, 570, 632, 641, 656, 661 & 663 Pay special attention to prerequisites. It is recommended that students have an undergrad degree in chemistry or other science with a strong chemistry background.
Communication Sciences & Disorders Yes* None *Only to students already possessing a master’s degree in the field.
Communication Studies Yes 500 level courses. 600 level courses may be open to Visions students on a space-available basis Contact: Dr. Loreen Olson
Phone: 336.334.3844
Community and Therapeutic Recreation Yes RPT 611(fall) and RPT 613 (spring) Contact: Dr. Stuart Schleien
Phone: 336.334.3797
Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies Yes CRS 530, 605, 620; RCS 361, 562
Counseling & Educational Development Yes CED 210, CED 310, CED 574, CED 610 Contact the department with inquires: 336.334.3434
Dance Yes* *Space available basis only. Some courses may require prerequisites or be restricted to admitted graduate students. Contact Dr. Mila Parrish or Ms. B.J. Sullivan
Economics Yes* Prerequisite Courses: ECO 301, 302, 319, 350 Contact the department at 336.334.5463 about taking necessary undergraduate prerequisite courses in the fall and spring to begin the MA program in Applied Economics (fall semester entry only)
Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations Yes Contact department for guidance on possible courses. Contact the department:
Educational Research Methodology Yes ERM 517, ERM 604, ERM 605, ERM 680 Contact the department: or 336.334.3471
English Yes 500 level only
Genetic Counseling No Students interested in the program should take upper level genetics, biochemistry, statistics and embryology/developmental biology as prerequisites. Visit website: or 336.256.0175 for more information.
Geography Yes Depends on student interest and background Contact: Dr. Selima Sultana
Gerontology Yes GRO 589, GRO 602, GRO 621, and GRO 634; other GRO courses with approval EXCEPT GRO 651 Gerontology Graduate Coordinator: Elise Eifert
Phone: 336.256.1020 Website:
History Yes 500 level courses EXCEPT 511 and 547; 510 and 700 level only with written permission of the instructor Contact: Laurie O’Neill
Phone: 336.334.5992
Human Development & Family Studies Yes* HDF 606, 607, 633, 644, 651, 652, 653, 655 *Classes are only available with the permission of instructor.
Information Systems & Supply Chain Management Yes* ISM 671 (fall); ISM 673 (spring) *Special permission from the department is required.
Interior Architecture Yes* Selected IAR courses EXCEPT 501, 502, 602, 631, & 645 *Must have related undergrad design degree. Contact: Dr. Jo Leimenstoll
Kinesiology Yes Depends on student interest Contact: Dr. Paul Davis or Carine Kelleher
Phone: 336.334.5573
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures French: Yes; Spanish: Yes* Students who plan on pursuing an MA degree: any 400 or 500 level course with an analytical paper *Ultimately it depends on prior linguistic skills. Contact the Director of Graduate Study for linguistic evaluation and more information: French: Dr. Campo ; Spanish: Dr. Cabello Hutt
Applied Arts and Sciences Yes All MLS 600 level courses Contact: Julee Casey Johnson
Phone: 336.315.7748
Library & Information Studies Yes LIS 600, 610 & 620 Contact: Dr. Nora Bird
Phone: 336.256.1313
Mathematics and Statistics Yes Depends on student interest and background Contact: Dr. Maya Chhetri
Phone: 336.334.5836
Media Studies Yes MST 515, 526, 527, 528, 620, & 625 Students are welcome in the studies courses but graduate level film and video production courses are limited to MFA students.
Music Yes Visions students wishing to take music classes must get the approval of the School of Music. Contact: Dr. Randy Kohlenberg
Nursing Yes See information on the School of Nursing VISIONS page. Contact: Mrs. Jennifer Boggs
Phone: 336.334.5289
Nutrition Yes Visions students wishing to take Nutrition classes must get the approval of the Department of Nutrition. Contact: Dr. Jigna Dharod
Phone: 336.334.9708
Peace and Conflict Studies Yes For MA: PCS 600, 601, and 610 (Fall); 605, 606, and 607 (Spring)
For PBC: PCS600, 601, or 605
Contact: Dr. Ali Askarov
Phone: 336.334.4781
Political Science Yes Elective courses not restricted to MPA students. Contact: Dr. Ruth DeHoog
Phone: 336.256.0511 before registering for courses
Psychology No None None
Public Health Education Yes HEA 601, 602, 604, 608, and 645 Contact:Dr. Kelly Rulison
Phone: 336.334.4963
Social Work Yes Any 500-level elective with permission of department Contact Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey
Phone: 336.334.4100
Sociology Yes* *Registration as a VISIONS student is evaluated on a case-by-case basis Contact course instructor if known, otherwise contact Dr. Steven Cureton
Special Education Yes Pre-reqs SES 540, 659
SES 540, 601, 610, 643, 659
Program only allows 3 courses taken as a Visions student to count toward the M.Ed.
Contact: Dr. Pamela Williamson
Teacher Education and Higher Education Yes MEd in Higher Ed courses: HED 601, HED 602, TED 646, TED 669

PhD in Higher Ed courses: HED 747, HED 749, TED 749
Theatre Yes THR 503 and THR 504 (Period Styles I and II), American Theatre History – THR 505, Child Drama Program – THR 596 and THR 598 Contact Connie Prater at 336.334.4076 or Deb Bell
They will provide you with the name and phone number of an advisor related to your program of interest.
Women’s and Gender Studies Yes Some limited availability in cross-listed courses is possible, with permission of the instructor Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Keathley
To be eligible to enroll, you must:

  • Have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited College or University.
  • Not be currently enrolled as a degree student at UNCG.
  • Do not have an application for admission to The Graduate School under review for the same semester.
  • Check with the department of interest (e.g., Art, Business Administration) and meet special requirements that may exist for that department.
  • Visions students are not eligible for financial aid.
  • Non-native speakers of English must have their proficiency in the English language validated by one of three means:
    • Submit a score on a language proficiency test taken within the past two years. If the TOEFL is the chosen test, the minimum required score depends on the form of the exam taken: Internet based — 79, or paper based — 550. A score of at least 6.5 is required on the IELTS. A score of 53 or higher is required for the Pearson Test of English.
    • Present a baccalaureate or graduate degree from an accredited college or university in the U.S.
    • Complete INTERLINK, the intensive English language program located on UNCG’s campus at The English language proficiency requirement may be waived if the applicant is a graduate of a university in a country where English is the official language.
Students entering UNCG through the Visions program are not eligible for financial aid. Only recognized University degree programs are considered for financial aid.
Students registering for more than four credit hours of course work in a semester must obtain immunization clearance as required by the State of North Carolina. To obtain additional information about completing this requirement, please see Student Health Services.
For parking information, please call 336-334-5861 or go to
Public school teachers and administrators who wish to take courses solely for licensure renewal credit may do so as Visions students. If credit is to be applied to a graduate degree, the student must submit an application to The Graduate School before the completion of the course. If the student meets all requirements for full admission as a graduate degree student, they will receive the licensure renewal credit.
Visions students will receive their registration information through email. They will then log into UNCGenie to sign up for classes.
Residency status (for tuition purposes) is determined prior to registration based on your application. For more information on residency, please click here.
The UNCG SpartanCard ID is acquired in Elliott University Center, Room 121. A SpartanCard ID allows access to library materials and other facilities such as the dining hall, computer labs, and the student recreation center. For more information, please call 336-334-5651 or go to
When registration is complete, textbooks and supplies may be purchased in the University Bookstore, located in Elliott University Center.
Tuition and fees are due at the time of registration. Registration will not be confirmed until tuition and fees are pain in full. Visions students pay the same tuition and fees as graduate degree students at UNCG.
Separate bills will not be mailed to individuals, but may be viewed online at UNCGenie. Please visit the Cashier’s Office website for Cost of Tuition & Fees.

There are two ways to pay:

  • Online via UNCGenie with a credit card
  • In person at the UNCG Cashier’s Office in 151 Mossman with a personal check, cash, or money order

Questions regarding tuition, fees, and refunds should be directed to:
Cashiers & Student Accounts Office
151 Mossman Building