William R. Wiener, Ph.D., Dean, The Graduate School

Welcome to The Graduate School at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Our website is designed to provide information for students considering application to the University and for those who are already in attendance. I invite you to explore our website to learn more about the application process, graduate programs, sources of funding, events sponsored by the Graduate Student Association, and other opportunities available throughout the University. We welcome those of you who are already a part of our academic family and hope to provide useful information for those still exploring joining us.

The graduate departments and schools at the University work with The Graduate School to carefully select students who can be successful in graduate study, and The Graduate School is here to provide the structure and support needed to help assure student success. We are present to answer your questions, guide your progress, and provide seminars and workshops to assist with your development. It is our goal to bring in excellent students and then do all that we can to support them throughout their academic careers.

The Graduate School plays a pivotal role in the academic mission of the University. We are proud to recognize the teaching, research, scholarship, service, and artistic efforts of the graduate faculty and students. We are a welcoming and inclusive academic community that offers a culture of caring with visible, meaningful representation of differences. The University prides itself on being student centered and community engaged. We provide individualized attention to the needs of students, have respect for their unique circumstances and concerns, and appreciate their strengths and insights. We believe that the University must be responsive to community needs and serve the public through the exchange of knowledge and resources. The Carnegie Foundation has recognized our commitment to the community by granting us its Community Engagement Classification. It has also designated us as a University with High Research. This means that our faculty engage in the development of new knowledge for their disciplines and consequently bring this inquiry model into their classrooms. This perspective also provides opportunities for students to work with faculty on research and/or creative activities.

Pursing a graduate degree is journey into inquiry and learning that results in the attainment of a body of knowledge and the skills to discover new ways to solve problems. The attainment of a graduate degree can lead to the enhancement of your life and to using your knowledge for the betterment of society. It is the role of The Graduate School to help make your time with us a rewarding experience and one that sends you on a trajectory towards a long and rewarding career. The Graduate School is here to help you in your pursuit of graduate education. Please take advantage of our orientations, our support programs, and the many opportunities the departments provide for engagement with the community and with your profession. If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact The Graduate School directly or visit our offices in Room 241 of the Mossman Building.

With best wishes,
William R. Wiener, Ph.D.
Dean, The Graduate School