2022 Graduate Research & Creativity Expo




Art & Humanities

Lauren Dillon, History

Dr. Mandy L. Cooper

American History Textbook & Curriculum Debates in North Carolina Public Schools, 1950-1979

Steisha Pintado, Art

Ms. Barbara Campbell Thomas

You Will Be with Me in Paradise


Health Sciences

Olivia Frangos, Kinesiology

Dr. Christopher K. Rhea

Who is the research for? Reviewing sample populations and the applicability of research designs in breast biomechanics: a systematic review

Love Odetola, Public Health Education, Stephen Sills

Dr. Sharon Morrison

It’s like there’s salt’ in the water


 Natural, Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Seraiah Coe, Biology, Sourav Chakraborty and Dr. Ramji Bhandari

Dr. Ramji Bhandari

Are grandparents’ lifestyles responsible for their grandchildren’s health?


Social Sciences, Education, & Business

Kayla Baker, Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations

Dr. Leila Villaverde

The Backbone is Speaking: Uplifting Black Women Voices on the Socialization of Black Youth

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Photo Credit: Martin Kane

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The UNCG Graduate School will host the 10th Annual Graduate Research and Creativity Showcase: “Scholarship That Matters.” This hybrid event will feature an online preliminary round, which will lead to an in-person final competition. The Showcase competition is a means for students to use brief videos to communicate their research and creative work in jargon-free language and showcase their accomplishments to the Greater Greensboro community.

Creating these videos prepares students to deliver “elevator pitches” on their research. It can serve as an advertisement for students’ scholarship, either as a “video abstract” associated with an ETD submission in ProQuest or as a department or University outreach feature.

Showcase is open to any currently enrolled UNCG graduate student engaged in original scholarship with a UNCG faculty member. Each video will be eligible to advance to the final competition and be to eligible win one of six $1,000 awards. Submissions are limited to one per student, regardless of their role in a project.

Students should plan to present their work in a way that is accessible to diverse audiences and explains in jargon-free language the importance and relevance of their work. Students should make their presentations appropriate for Middle College students, undergraduates, journalists, community members, area business owners, representatives from boards and foundations, state legislators, or neighbors down the street. When creating presentations, students should be thinking of their new audience(s) and the best way to communicate with them.

Submitted videos may make use of still shots, video, slides, animations, or anything else that is appropriate to best convey the research/creative work and its impact.


*Please Note: We will automatically accept the first 100 entries, pending confirmation from their Faculty Mentor. Students who register after 100 registrations will be placed on a waiting list and notified of their participation status no later than one week after registration closes.

Registered participants must submit a single 4-7 minute YouTube video via the Submission Form by NOON, Tuesday, March 15, 2022.

Requirements for the video:

  • Students should briefly explain their scholarship and its impact to a general audience.
  • Videos may make use of still shots, video, slides, animations, or anything else that is appropriate to best convey the research/creative work and its impact.
  • Students do not need to appear on video, but their contribution to the project should be clear.
  • Students should post their video on their UNCG-affiliated YouTube space, and the video set to be publicly available.
  • The video should be captioned.
  • The video must persist and be viewable through April 30, 2022.
  • Since disclosure through any sort of publication could jeopardize any patenting opportunities and limit an innovation’s value, students should communicate with their advisors regarding the videos’ content.
  • The Digital ACT Studio provides tips on Selecting Filming Environments.

Each video will be eligible to advance to the final in-person competition on April 8 and be eligible to win one of six $1,000 awards. The Graduate School reserves the right to modify categories to promote equity and facilitate judging. Submissions are limited to one per student, regardless of their role in a project.


*These awards are not given as cash; they will be posted to each student’s account and may impact financial aid. Students are encouraged to check with that office for details. Students with a current balance due will see the award pay that balance first; any funds that remain will be issued as a refund check.

When registering, students will:

  • Provide their information and program of study.
  • Enter their title (130 characters or less), coauthor(s), and UNCG faculty mentor information. The faculty mentor will be contacted to authorize participation in the Showcase.
  • Select the area in which their work should be considered:
    • Arts & Humanities
    • Health Sciences
    • Natural Sciences
    • Physical & Mathematical Sciences
    • Social Sciences, Education, & Business
  • Select the best option (one) that describes what impact their scholarship makes:
    • Advancement
    • Aesthetics
    • Communication
    • Community Engagement
    • Cultural
    • Economic
    • Educational
    • Environmental
    • Health and/or Safety
    • Innovation
    • Judicial
    • Scholarly
    • Social
    • Societal
    • Technological
  • Write an abstract (150 words or less) for the Showcase website that specifically addresses:
    • What question is being answered, or what issue is being addressed?
    • Why does the scholarship matter?
    • Why should people care about it?
    • Where does this work fit into the ongoing conversation on this topic?

Students who know or suspect that they may have some intellectual property that needs assessment for patent or copyright significance must contact their faculty advisor before submitting for Showcase.


In addition, research performed via sponsored agreements may have clauses that restrict publication or ownership implication. Students should check with their faculty advisor or the Office of Research and Engagement for information.

Showcase finalist must prepare a poster for the final *in-person competition. All students must be available for final judging from 1:30-2:30 or 2:30-3:30 on Friday, April 8 on campus with the winners being awarded at 4pm (*Covid-19 protocols permitting).


Judges circulate throughout the event and evaluate presentations. Finalists will have a maximum of 12 minutes to present and discuss their presentation with the judges. Participants are strongly discouraged from “reading” a paper/poster and must engage with the audience, so a finalist must present their research to the judges in a verbal presentation.  All finalists should plan to present for 6-7 minutes and allow 3-5 minutes for judges to ask questions and discuss their project.

Finalists are asked to be available for at least one hour to discuss their work with attendees at the Showcase, but all finalists are encouraged to be available the duration of the presentation time from 1:30-3:30 pm. The poster should function as a representation of your main points or visual cues to your presentation.


Poster Specifications:

  • Size of poster is 36″ H (top to bottom) by 48″ W (side to side)
  • We have partnered with the Department of Geography as a poster printing source.
    • Submit PDF formatted poster to  Jim Nelson  by emailing janelson@uncg.edu.
    • PDF must be sized to 36”H x 48”W at submission
    • Printing deadline: Wednesday, April 6, NOON
    • Cost: $10
  • You may choose to have your poster printed through alternative means, but it will probably cost considerably more.


Following the competition, six winners will be awarded a $1000 prize. Winners from the competition may also participate in May at the State Legislature’s Graduate Education Day in Raleigh.

The final competition is free and open to the public. Community partners and area employers are encouraged to come and engage with the students.

  • Clarity of Communication to a Non-Specialized Audience
    • Students should provide information in a way people outside the field can understand
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Content Knowledge and Creativity
  • Organization
  • Originality
  • Ability to explain importance of the work (e.g., economic impact, societal impact, scholarly impact). Students should think about:
    • What question is being answered, or what issue is being addressed?
    • Why does the scholarship matter?
    • Why should people care about it?
    • Where does this work fit into the ongoing conversation on this topic?

See the following guide to preparing your Showcase video.


The Digital ACT Studio

Want help designing a presentation? The Digital ACT Studio can assist with the effectiveness of a production and provide feedback on successfully reaching an audience. The Studio consultants are professionally trained to help create stronger, rhetorically, and aesthetically effective projects. By engaging in one-on-one conversations, the focus is on shared knowledge and expertise. Go online to schedule a 30 minute or 1-hour appointment today! For more information, visit: digitalactstudio.uncg.edu or email: digitalactstudio@uncg.edu


The Digital Media Commons

The Digital Media Commons can help students with their technology needs! Visit online for assistance with questions about multimedia technology. Students can also make an appointment with staff if they have questions concerning images that can be used on presentations or if they are new to creating such presentations. For more information, visit: library.uncg.edu/spaces/dmc/ or email: libdmc@uncg.edu


The University Speaking Center

The Center’s support is designed to help speakers further develop their oral communication confidence and competence. Consultants provide peer-to-peer feedback, guidance, and other support in public speaking preparation and delivery, interpersonal communication, and group or team communication. For more information, please visit: speakingcenter.uncg.edu

Tuesday, Feb. 15Registration for the Showcase will close at noon or sooner. Registration is limited to 100 submissions.

Tuesday, March 15Showcase participants must submit a link to a UNCG-affiliated YouTube video that is captioned and 4-7 minutes in length via the Submission Form by noon.
Tuesday, March 22Presentations will be posted to the website for Showcase viewing and judging.

Tuesday, March 29Finalists will be announced to move to in-person poster competition. Finalist will need to create a poster.
Wednesday, April 6Poster printing deadline via low-cost campus. Poster must be submitted to janelson@uncg.edu by NOON.
Friday, April 8Showcase Final Competition, 1:30-4:00pm

Saturday. April 30YouTube links should be kept active through April 30, 2022.


Contact Laura Drew at Ladrew@uncg.edu.