The Graduate School at UNC Greensboro (UNCG) is responsible for the welfare of all the graduate programs on campus and over 3700 graduate students who come to UNCG from across the nation and around the world. The University is organized into seven disciplinary units: College of Arts and Science; College of Visual and Performing Arts; Joseph M. Bryan School of Business and Economics; School of Education; School of Health and Human Sciences; Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering; and School of Nursing.

The Graduate School has general supervision of graduate study throughout the colleges and schools. The University offers 74 master’s and 32 doctoral programs in addition to more than 50 graduate certificate programs. Each of these programs is described in detail in the UNCG Catalog. The Dean of the Graduate School is the chief administrative officer of the Graduate School, taking general responsibility for the development, improvement, and administration of all graduate study at the University. The Dean of the Graduate School serves as admissions officer and administers services to graduate students and programs. All matters of policy, procedures, and graduate curriculum are developed, approved, and implemented in consultation with programs and the Graduate Council.

Graduate School Office Structure and Function

The Graduate School Staff is broadly divided into two functional areas: Admissions and Enrolled Students. The Administrative roles intersect these broad areas. 


Greg Bell, Dean of Graduate Education 

Heather Mitchell, Director of Budget, Personnel, and Planning 

Heather Bishop, Director of Student Data and Operations 

Laura Drew, Senior Student Support Lead 

George Durfee, Program Support Lead 

Admissions Staff and Function

The Admissions office serves two main roles; they assist students throughout the application process and they support program faculty and staff with viewing applications and entering admissions decisions, facilitating planned communications from the program to applicants, and making approved updates to the application each year. 

Kelly Meris, Director of Admissions 

J. Chastain, Assistant Director of Graduate Recruitment & Admissions 

Amy Masters, Admissions Specialist 

Marcello Newkirk, Admissions Specialist 

Enrolled Staff and Function

The Enrolled Students office functions much like the Registrar at the graduate level. They help students navigate the curriculum and enforce graduate policies, which are created and maintained by the Graduate Faculty. 

Maria Hayden, Director of Enrolled Student Services 

Michelle Silveri, Assistant Director of Enrolled Student Services 

Ian Draves, Curriculum Analyst 

Beverly Lucas, Student Services Specialist 

Adrian Williams, Degree Works Analyst 

Graduate Faculty Fellows

Hewan Girma and Brad Johnson

Contacting the Graduate School

Emailing one of the collaborative inboxes below is the best way to contact the Graduate School. This will ensure your inquiry is routed to the correct person and will result in the quickest turnaround. Many of the inquiries we receive require research or consultation. We do our best to respond to emails within two business days.

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