The Graduate School is responsible for the development and administration of all graduate level programs at The University. Matters of policy, procedure, and graduate curriculum are recorded and implemented in consultation with academic programs and the Graduate Studies Committee.

This page provides links that may be helpful to you as a faculty member. The Graduate School Staff is readily available to assist graduate students, faculty and staff with academic and administrative matters. Should you need additional assistance, feel free to Contact The Graduate School.

The Doctoral Timeline and Checklist is a useful tool for advising doctoral students.

Some of the activities coordinated by The Graduate School Staff:

  • Disseminate program and admission information to prospective students
  • Collect and process application materials submitted to The University
  • Coordinate the admission process with academic departments
  • Work with the Graduate Studies Committee to approve all new/revised graduate programs, curricula, and policy
  • Assist students with interpretation of policy, course registration and withdrawal
  • Monitor academic eligibility
  • Provide activities that support students’ professional development and degree completion
  • Manage financial support for graduate students such as competitive fellowships, assistantships, hourly employment, tuition waivers, etc.
  • Review theses/dissertations for formatting requirements
  • Process applications for graduation
  • Process degree audits/degree clearances
  • Process applications for graduate faculty membership
  • Recognize outstanding contributions of graduate faculty and students via prizes and awards
  • Edit The University Catalog

Resources to Interpret Standardized Entrance Examination Scores: