Students may be nominated for tuition support that ranges from partial support to full tuition. If your program requires additional (differential) tuition, students may remain responsible for that. All supported graduate students remain responsible for any University student fees.

UNC Greensboro provides tuition support for the majority of doctoral students who are awarded graduate assistantships. Some masters students are also able to receive tuition support.


Types of Tuition Support for Graduate Students

Tuition Remission Award
A tuition remission award reduces your tuition to the in-state rate. For out-of-state students only.

In-State Tuition Award
An in-state tuition award provides full support for the cost of in-state tuition.

Out-of-State Students

  • Out-of-state students must have a qualifying assistantship of at least $2,000.
  • Out-of-state students may receive both a tuition remission award as well as an in-state tuition award. These two funding sources, used in combination, provide full tuition support to an out-of-state student.
  • Out-of-state students must first receive an OS tuition remission award to be eligible for an IS tuition award.
  • Although recommended, there is no requirement to also award an IS award to an OS student.

In-State Students

  • In-state students may receive an in-state tuition award.

How to apply:

  • Your Graduate Program Director nominates qualified students for tuition funding to the Graduate School; the Graduate School extends the official offer of support
  • Students must respond by April 15th, (National Signing Day)
  • The Graduate School deposits tuition funds on your University account
  • The funds appear on your account upon registration.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tuition awards for all graduate students are contingent upon a student maintaining academic good standing and satisfactory completion of any assistantship assignments. Students determined at any point in the semester to no longer meet the eligibility requirements to receive tuition support will have the full amount of any tuition award rescinded. They are then personally responsible for paying the full costs of tuition for that semester.